Chase Oak-Aged Sloe & Mulberry Gin - 29.1% - 500ml

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With a base of Williams GB Extra Dry Gin, this is categorised as a 'sloe gin'. Sloes are a small tart like berry related to the plum, which are harvested, pricked and steeped in gin with sugar. Sugar is needed to not only balance out the tartness, but to help draw out the flavour. Once they been soaking for at least 3 months then they can strained off. The minimum ABV for sloe gin is 25%. Chase also adds mulberries to this and ages it for one year in Rhone Valley red wine casks. It is a rich and warming sloe gin that balances out the tartness with mulberries. Best enjoyed neat or on ice, for a long drink, bitter lemon or lemon flavoured tonic works really well.