Diplomatico Distillery Collection No3 - 47% - 700ml

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Diplomatico make their rums from a blend of distillates from three different stills. Each of these stills make unique types of rum that are then blended to make Diplomatico's core expressions. The Distillery Collection, however, are limited edition bottlings of rums that highlights the individual rums made from these stills. No 3 is a pot still rum made from sugar cane honey, which is normally used for the longer aged rums, particulary the Reserva Exclusiva and the Ambassador. This rum has lots of light tropical fruits on the nose and palate – think pineapples, mangos and bananas. Lots of honey and vanilla also. The taste moves on from the fruit to dark chocolate, vanilla and coffee, with a long finish of dates and baked figs. Definitely one to be sipped, and also a must-try for rum geeks.