Glenallachie 25yo - 48% - 700ml

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Up until 2017, GlenAllachie was only found in blends. Then came along renowned Master Distiller Billy Walker, who brought back into private ownership and and took over the running of the distillery. In case you didn't know, Billy Walker is the man who made The GlenDronach what it is today! This 25 Year Old expression is the pinnacle of the new releases. Aged in the same way as the other core ranges, this is an amazing Scotch! Perfect harmony on the nose, with sweet raisins and preserved fruit and spice. The PX cask influence really helps to bring in that raisin, sultana and dried grape nose to the palate. The oak is the backbone to which the dried fruit, spice and tannins cling to. A long finish of spice and sweet fruits linger to a gorgeous finish. Outstanding.