Glendalough 7 Year Old Whiskey - 46%- 70cl

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At Glendalough, they like to double age/double barrel their whiskies, which means aging in one cask and then spending more time in another cask. This 7YO whiskey A single malt whiskey which has spent 7 years in ex bourbon casks then another 12 months in a porter cask from the 5 Lamps Brewery. Porter/stout is a dark, rich beer that uses roasted malted barley to get its colour and flavour. The porter influence adds roasted barley and chocolate notes and also gives the whiskey a deeper richer colour. The nose has notes of toffee apples, dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The palate is smooth and warm with mandarin orange, cocoa, toffee and cooked fruit, followed by clove and peppery spices. A finish of toasted oak, treacle and brown-sugared coffee notes.