Hendricks Gin - 41.4% - 700ml

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The reason people are now asking for cucumber to go with their gins. Launched in 1999, there are few gins in the world that are as iconic as Hendrick’s Gin. It is made using two different stills, a pot still and Carter head still, and contains 11 botanicals. Once both distillates are blended, cucumber and rose essence is added before dilution, giving it its signature lightly rose tinted but cucumber heavy flavour. You'll get a big forward hit of juniper with lots of zesty citrus, with the cucumber coming through even more so on the palate. Creamy and savoury, there is also a long floral finish. We all know the prefect serve by now – Hendricks Tonic and a (few) cucumber slices. But you know what? We'll never get tired of it!