Kin No Bi Dry Gin - 45.7% - 700ml

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Made in Kyoto using a rice spirit base, Ki No Bi is one of the most sought-after gins in the world. The gin is made in an unusual way, in which the botanicals are separated in to 6 groups – Base (juniper, orris and hinoki (cypress wood); Citrus (lemon and yuzu); Herbal (sansho and kinome), Spice (ginger), Fruity and Floral (bamboo and shiso) and finally, Tea (green tea). Each group is distilled individually then blended together. The result is an ethereal Japanese gin, with aromatic and refreshing notes. Kin No Bi is based on an old Japanese tradition, where gold leaf is added to a spirit (usually sake) during celebrations or at weddings or festivals. Kin No Bi's gold leaves are sourced from a local Kyoto company. With a lovely clear bottle to showcase the golden flakes, this makes for a beautiful gift for a gin lover.