Le Tribute Gin - 43% - 700ml

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Seven distillations of 12 botanicals are used in this gin by the folks that created Gin Mare. The gin is a tribute to the pioneers, processes and heritage behind spirits. Everything other than the lemongrass is distilled in wheat spirit, with juniper, lime, kumquat, lemon, pink grapefruit, green grapefruit, tangerine, cardamom, bitter and sweet oranges, lemons and lemongrass making up the botanical mix. The citrus and lemongrass is very apparent in all aspects, but it is hard to pick out the individual components, as there is a rather big hit of overall citrus. The juniper is dominant and it was designed that way, providing the structure and backbone that everything else sits on. The perfect introduction for gin beginners, and also one that will please seasoned gin loves. We'd go so far as to say this is one gin you absolutely must have at the bar, after all, look at that bottle!