Lone Wolf Gin - 44% - 700ml

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This is a gin made by Brewdog. Yes, the craft beer specialists are now making their own vodka and gin. Their expertise in brewing actually helps a lot in distilling though. The base of Lone Wolf Gin is 50/50 wheat and barley, and they use 3 different types of stills, one of which is a column still that is over 18 feet tall, making it one of the tallest in the UK, if not Europe. There are 14 botanicals in the gin, which packs a bite, hence the wolf bit(e). Thai lemongrass, mace, scots pine, pink peppercorn and kaffir lime leaf are the more unusual botanicals used. This is a very well assembled gin. Starting with the apparent citrus nose, it moves quickly on the journey to the juniper core. The oily texture of the berry helps with the pine freshness of the scots pine. Dig a bit deeper and the lemongrass and lime leaf are found. Long finish. Superb in a gin and tonic with grapefruit/juniper berries or lavendar.