Ocho Anejo Plantation Barbados 2002 Cask Finish - 46% - 700ml

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Made by the famous Camareno Family and Tomas Estes, Ocho has gained world recognition amongst tequila lovers and bartenders alike. Agave plants take years to grow to maturity before they are ready to be harvested – anything from 5 till 10 years. This Anejo has been aged for 1 year in American oak and then finished for 3 months in a rum cask that previously held Plantation Barbados 2002.The agave freshness is accompanied by tropical fruit and dark chocolate for a wonderfully complex sipping tipple. A very tropical fruit nose with banana, cooked agave, dark chocolate, orange and lime zests and touches of ground coffee. Honeycomb sweetness, spearmint and rosemary herbaceousness with a dried apricot and white pepper lingering at the end. Long, sweet finish reminiscent of hot buttered rum. One to be savoured neat.