Pierre Ferrand Reserve 20 Year Cognac - 40% - 700ml

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Pierre Ferrand use only the best grapes from the Grande Champagne area in Cognac. Within this area, there is the 'golden triangle', where the soil is extremely chalky which makes for very acidic wines. The eau de vie distilled with these wines make for very fine cognacs after aging. In the 19th century, Cognac producers would use a variety of casks to age their eau de vie in, which meant that a range of flavours could be introduced to the spirit. First matured in Cognac barrels and then in Banyuls dessert wine barrels, this results the development of much prized and sought-after rancio flavours, which only come with age and fine blending. Think fruits of the forest and Christmas cake, nutty, fruity and spice. Light on the nose with vanilla, cinnamon and grapes. Nutty and soft palate with stewed fruits and a touch of heat. Long dried fruit finish. This is one to sipped and savoured.