Williams Chase Seville Orange Gin - 40% - 700ml

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Chase (formerly Tyrrells) were originally potato farmers. So, what would you traditionally do if you have a glut of produce? Distill it, of course! After starting out with a potato vodka, they soon moved into gin, which now uses an apple-based spirit, as they found the potato base gave an unwanted characteristic to the final product. The Seville Orange Gin takes advantageĀ of the abundance of Seville oranges to produce a gin that is very fruit forward and citrus. Unmistakable orange nose, but doesn't hide the juniperĀ or herbal notes. A huge hit of Seville orange skin on the palate, with pine freshness and orange juices citrus. A long finish, with orange oils fading into the other botanicals. Naturally pairs with Oranges for a great Gin and Tonic.