Martin Miller's Barrel Aged Series

Martin Miller's Barrel Aged Series

Martin Miller’s Gin is widely recognized as the world’s first ‘super premium’ gin, consistently winning more awards for excellence in the world’s leading spirit competitions than any other gin in the last 15 years. Made in Iceland using water so pure that it doesn't need filtration or demineralization, Martin Miller's gin is pot distilled using two separate distillations of the very best earthy and citrus based botanicals, for a perfect balance between citrus and juniper flavours.So how do you improve upon an already outstanding spirit? With a little wood, of course. Martin Miller’s is one of the best in the business when it comes to ageing gin. Doing it in the freezing climate of Iceland means they can monitor the spirit closely in order to achieve the perfect balance between gin and oak.

The Moons Series started out in 2016 with the 9 Moons, which spends 9 months aging in French Oak Casks. At the time, the gin makers found that 9 months was the precise time the gin needed to spend in the cask in order to tune up its flavour.
Since then, they have perfected the process further, releasing the 14 Moons and 26 Moons as well.

Martin Miller's 9 Moons Barrel Aged Gin - 40% - 350ml
This gin has spent 9 months aging in French Oak Casks, using a Solera system. On the nose, lemon peel integrated with juniper, then perfectly balanced vanilla shines through. The palate has a light sweetness with a creamy sensation. Long finish with plenty of oak. Great served on ice or with a splash of tonic. 

Martin Miller's 14 Moons Barrel Aged Gin - 40% - 500ml
The gin has spent 14 months aging in Pedro Ximenes Sherry Butts. On the nose, the juniper and cucumber play second to the ripe fruits of the forest. The palate has the caramel sweetness of the PX, but lifted and subdued with the freshness of juniper. The finish is pleasant with grape and citrus fruits. Enjoy as a different gin and tonic!

Martin Miller's 26 Moons Barrel Aged Gin - 42% - 350ml
The gin has spent 26 months aging in Madeira Casks, using a Solera system. This is a very limited bottling, with only 480 individually numbered bottles ever released. The spirit is bursting with hints of cucumber freshness, juniper and under ripe berries alongside floral notes, dried hay and woody lemongrass, with a spiced and long dry finish.

Wholly Spirits is proud to be the one and only retailer in Malaysia to stock all three of Martin Miller’s barrel aged gins – 9 Moons, 14 Moons, and 26 Moons. The Martin Miller’s Moons range of barrel-aged gins is now available only at the Wholly Spirits Retail store at Wisma CKL, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur and online at Please WhatsApp 0125805813 for retail information.