Locked Cart - Why can't I checkout?

Hey there! Having trouble checking out? It may be one of two reasons, this might help:

Dram Full Malaysia Exclusive Bottling

The terms and conditions for this exclusive bottling are as follows:

1. Bottles are sold via pre-orders only. Customers will be contacted upon arrival of product.

2. This bottling is only available to members of the Dram Full – Whisky Community Malaysia (fb.com/groups/DramFull.Malaysia).

3. Verification of Dram Full membership will be made when order is placed.

4. Wholly Spirits has the right to cancel and refund the purchaser if it is found that he or she is NOT a Dram Full member at the time of purchase.

5. The purchase of this bottle is only limited to 1 bottle per-Wholly Spirits & Dram Full account.


Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Hello there fellow members of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society!

Having trouble checking out your cart with all those beautiful SMWS bottles? Please check that you have complied with the following conditions:

1. All SMWS members are allocated only 1 bottle of each SMWS label. If you have more than a single bottle for any SMWS bottle, you will not be able to checkout.

2. In the event of subsequent or multiple transactions with the same SMWS product(s) under the same account, we will contact you with the following options:

a) A swap of the SMWS product with another SMWS bottle of equal or greater value.


b) A full refund.