Bruichladdich Classic Laddie Scottish Barley - 50% - 700ml

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Bruichladdich (Gaelic for 'Shore Bank') is an Islay distillery that produces not only peated single malt but also an unpeated version, a super peated whisky and a gin. One of their most popular expressions, The Classic Laddie is an unpeated single malt that is made with 100% Scottish Barley and aged in American Oak casks along Lochindaal. The aging alongside water gives the whisky a maritime quality with hints of sea water and salinity. The sea air freshness is quick on the nose, before moving to golden oats and barley and soft honey. The fresh coastal flavour is also apparent on the palate with a hint of smoke, despite the fact that it is is unpeated. Long light finish of toffee and honey.