Chairman's Reserve 1931 - 46% - 700ml

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Created in tribute to Denis Bernard who founded the Dennery distillery back in 1931, this rum is a combination of distillates made with 3 types of still and 2 base products – molasses and sugar cane juice. They are aged between 6-11 years, mainly in ex-bourbon barrels, but one marc is aged in a port cask. This combination makes for a unique tasting and delicious rum. There's honeyed raisins and vibrant toasty oak notes on the nose, followed by hints of leather, spice and tobacco. A well-balanced mid-palate provides structure around flavours of rich sultana fruit with hints of crème caramel and buttery oak. At first, a sweet raisin fruit note is apparent, trailed by dry and tannic flavors from the oak barrels. A hint of grassy aromatic sweetness from the sugarcane distillate gives a unique, hedonistic, but balanced element to the finish of the rum.