Glenfiddich 12 - 40% - 700ml

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Glenfiddich, which means 'The Valley of the Deer', has been making their signature single malt since 1887. A multiple award-winning Speyside single malt, this is one of the world's best selling whiskies. Its distinct flavour comes from the high cut they take when distilling, and also the careful maturation in American oak and European oak Sherry casks. The 12 year old age statement means that the youngest whisky in the bottle has to be 12 years old. Golden in colour with very fresh and fruity aromas, some vanilla and baked fruits are also apparent. On the palate, light floral golden oats and hints of honey, with touches of oak. The finish is lovely and long with rounded mellowness. Enjoy this whichever way you want, whether neat, with ice, or in a highball.