Hakushu Distiller's Reserve - 43% - 700ml

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Japanese Whisky has been wildly popular in the last 10 years and as such the older stocks aren't as common as it used to be. So a turn towards non-age statements is being seen. That doesn't take away from the quality though, as these whiskies are still great examples of what the distilleries can produce. Hakushu Distillers Reserve is a non-age statement whisky by the Hakushu Distillery. Heavy and lighter peated whiskies are used, but it is still considered light in terms of peat and smoke. The nose is green with herbs, peppermint, mint and grass. The palate is again green with melon, cucumber, menthol and touch of citrus. The smoke is just light and in the background. Gorgeous long finish with the smoke fading nicely. Great in highballs.