La Fee Absinthe Bohemian - 70% - 700ml

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Absinthe (also known as 'the green fairy') was drunk and popularized during the Belle Epoque era (1870-1914) in France, but it was then banned in France in 1914, with other countries following suit. In 2000, La Fee became the first brand to start making absinthe in France again. It is produced in association with the Musée de l’Absinthe, the Absinthe Museum, whose owner Marie-Claude Delahaye is considered the world's foremost expert in this high proof liquid. Once she tastes it and approves it, it is sold. The Bohemian is a Czech-style absinthe, hence the name, which drops the 'e' in absinthe. This absinthe also use a lower amount of anise in the distillation, which makes this more suitable for cocktails. A medicinal nose, but not unpleasant. A subtle anise note on the palate. Lots of chamomile, mint and fennel. Luscious green leaves. Strong finish of mint.