Mr Black Coffee Amaro - 28.5% - 700ml

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Mr Black Coffee Amaro is a bitter liqueur inspired by Italy’s after-dinner drink tradition and Australia’s coffee culture. This special edition recipe captures the flavours and aromas found in both beverages: bright fruits, abundant herbs and seductive spices.

Handcrafted by Master Distiller Philip Moore, this Coffee Amaro combines Philip's 30-year botanical obsession with an undying devotion to the pursuit of quality coffee.

Amaro is a bitter sweet digestif made with herbs, roots, spices and barks. Mr Black makes its Coffee Amaro with 14 botanicals, all individually vapor distilled or macerated, then blended with Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. The intense herbal quality comes through the coffee nicely. Sweet upfront coffee with touches of citrus flavour and herbaceousness. Long finish of bitter coffee and drying spice. Amazing on ice after a meal.

At Wholly Spirit, we have a special cocktail named Mr Dalgonamaro Highball that further enhances the Coffee Amaro. Here's a direct link to the video!

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