Bols Genever - 42% - 700ml

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Bols have been distilling since 1575, making it the world's oldest commerical distillery. Genever is basically the 'father' of gin, and is also the root of the phrase 'Dutch Courage'. Using a recipe that dates back to 1820, Bols Genever is an award winning product that combines juniper with a malt wine base, which is made from 3 different grains. It is distilled with 22 botanicals, some of which include juniper, hops, ginger, coriander and sweet orange. The results on the nose are creamy aromas of malt and spice, hints of berry fruits, hops and a little citrus. On the palate, grassy with sourdough bread, juniper, barley and pepper. The finish is peppery with a touch of spice. Enjoy neat as a shot with a cold beer, or in some very Old Fashioned-style drinks.