Cointreau - 40% - 700ml

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The worlds' most famous orange liqueur, Cointreau is made from a mixture of dried bitter peels, dried sweet peels and fresh sweet peels. It is also said that it had the least amount of sugar amongst its peers when it was created, hence their meaning of a triple sec. Virtually every bar has a bottle of this, and although it is commonly known as an essential ingredient in many cocktails, Cointreau can also be drunk neat or as a lovely after-meal digestif. Cointreau is clean and zesty on the nose and more complex on the palate. Under the fruity flavours, you will get cinnamon and hints of nutmeg. The finish is dry, long, and is full of wonderful orange flavours. Many classic cocktails use Cointreau, so if you're planning to make a Margarita, Cosmopolitan or a Sidecar, make sure you have a bottle around!