Copperhead Gibson Gin - 40% - 500ml

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Copperhead is made by a chemist and distiller in Belgium, and this expression takes inspiration from the classic cocktail The Gibson (a Martini using pickled onions as a garnish) and also the London Cocktail Bar owned and operated by Marian Beke. A further 13 botanicals, mainly spices/herbs used in pickling, are used on top of the 5 from the Copperhead Original gin. They also use an 8-year-old Genever to add a touch of malt and sweetness to the gin, as Marain didn't want an Old Tom-style of gin. The result is lots of complexity and depth on the nose, palate and finish. Fennel, dill and bay leaves with subtle juniper invite you in. Dry and spicy but not aggressive, a just like a pickle should be. Tonnes of savoury character with fennel and dill still very much there. Long and savoury on the finish. Great, as expected, in the Gibson.