Elephant Gin German Sloe Gin - 35% - 500ml

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While it is made in a similar way to most sloe gins, Elephant Gin takes a extra few steps. Firstly, it’s a vintage gin, so it changes from year to year. Secondly, it is bottled at 35% ABV, which is quite high for a sloe gin. Thirdly, he maceration takes several months and uses less sugar. And finally, they break the sloes when using them instead of the usual pricking of the skin. The result is a more marzipan note to the gin. Almond flavours often come from stone fruit pits. The sloes are the star of the show here. Intense jammy nose with hints of woody cinnamon and fresh pine spice from the juniper. Tart flavour, but the sweetness builds as does a soft marzipan note. The finish is long and fruity. This would be great on its own or with a splash of tonic or soda.