Elephant Gin London Dry Gin - 45% - 500ml

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No, this is not a gin made from elephants! However, they do benefit from this gin, as 15% of all profits go to 2 charities that help protect them from poachers. Elephant Gin is made in Germany using 14 botanicals, 5 of which come from Africa – Baobab fruit, Buchu plant (similar to blackcurrant), African Wormwood, Lion’s Tail and Devil’s Claw. Not many of the usual botanicals are used in this gin which makes it very interesting. This strikingly packaged gin is also strikingly brilliant. Subtle juniper aroma on the nose, with undertones of mountain pine and herbal notes. This is similar on the palate, with zesty fresh citrus and cinnamon spice and woodiness. Fresh herbal notes, lemon and ginger linger on the finish. Delicious.