Ferrand Dry Curacao - 40% - 700ml

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A beautiful triple sec curaçao by Pierre Ferrand, made with aged Cognac and Curaçao oranges. Orange peels from Curaçao are soaked in grape spirit for one week, and then distilled. A vegetal infusion is then added into cognac and grape brandy, and left to age. Some of the botanicals are walnut skins and prunes, while the sugar element comes from toasted and aged cane sugar. This is all then married together with more brandy and Pierre Ferrand Cognac and finally, aged for several months. An intriguing production process makes for what many consider now to be the go-to for Orange Curaçao liqueur. Lots of citrus on the nose with vanilla and stewed fruit. Although it contains a decent of aged sugar, this isn't cloyingly sweet. The citrus and spice balance out nicely and with lots of background warming spice notes. Also floral and hints of rosewater. Long clean finish, which will want you desiring more. Amazing neat, but makes for a banging classic Mai Tai.