No. 3 London Dry Gin - 46% - 700ml

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When the oldest wine and spirit merchant in the London makes a gin, you know it's going to exciting. 2010 saw the launch of N0.3 London Dry Gin – No.3 being the address of the shop in St. James London, and the key on the bottle represents the trust people have in them and also the key to the oldest room, The Parlour, in the shop. While many gin brands use an assortment of botanicals, from the weird to the wonderful, No 3 use just six very classic botanicals and at 46% ABV, they all come out. Bright, crisp and clean, with an uplifting juniper nose. The juniper bursts through, complimented by the spicy earth notes of cardamom. The citrus of the grapefruit and orange supported by the coriander finish through. An earthy dry long finish. This is an all-rounder gin, great in a G&T, excellent in a martini and a whole host of other classic cocktails.