St. George Dry Rye Gin - 45% - 750ml

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St George Distillery produces a variety of highly artisanal craft spirits. Using a 100% rye base for the gin, this Dry Rye Gin brings a malty-ness that is reminiscent of a malt whiskey (think genever). With only 6 botanicals and 50% more juniper compared to the other gins from St George, this is very classic gin that supports the rye flavour and brings out the peppery notes of the juniper. Spices leap out on the nose, the warming juniper, coriander and caraway. On the palate, the malty character of the rye and juniper is very apparent, with support from the citrus and pepper. Creamy, malty long finish. Try this in place of rye whiskey for a very different Old Fashioned or Manhattan.