Tiki Lovers Pineapple - 45% - 700ml

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Created by the folks behind The Bitter Truth, this rum uses a blend of aged & unaged Jamaican pot still rum from Hampden Estate and Worthy Park, alongside 3 year old Barbados rum from Foursquare aged in bourbon barrels, and finally some young column still rums from both Trinidad and Guyana. That's quite a blend! To get the pineapple flavour, ripe South American pinepples are juiced, with some of the water extracted to prevent dilution of the rum. This concentration is then left to marry with the rum for several weeks, which creates a more intense pineapple flavour. There's not just pineapple on the nose, but grilled pineapple, pineapple candy, roast pineapple, maple and oak. The flavour is rich with pineapple jam and roasted pineapples. There is also rich spice and vanilla. The finish is of tart pineapples and dry spice. Use in any rum drink or long with ginger beer.