Fernet-Branca Bitter Liquor - 35% - 700ml

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Made with a recipe dating back to 1845, this famous digestif is made using 27 herbs and spices. Many different methods are used to extract the flavours, and once blended together, it will be aged for 12 months in Slovenain Oak vats of varying sizes (from 15,000 to 20,000 litres). The distillery cellars house over 300 of these vats! It is pungent on the nose, with pepper, peppermint and spicy liquorice. On the palate, strong flavours of fresh mint, chamomile, tea, and darker rootier notes, and a big minty finish with bitter notes. Best drunk neat or on ice. Fun fact: So much Fernet is drunk in Argentina (usually with cola) that the company set up a distillery there!