Mount Gay XO Peatsmoke - 57% - 700ml

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A rum with peat and smoke? You better believe it! The guys over at Mount Gay have taken some very fine old rums aged 8-15 years in ex-bourbon barrels, then added them to Islay Scotch casks that are heated up first before the rum goes in. They then spend 6 months maturing in the cask. The result is an extraordinary smoke and peat character with the typical note of overripe bananas and toasted nuts which comes from the rum. The smoke is subtle on the nose, with more rum notes of caramel and stewed fruit and hints of oak. The peat smoke comes through on the palate, with vanilla, dark chocolate and smoke. There is a touch of salinity to the smoke also, which helps bring out the more savoury character of the spirit. Its long finish of oak, smoke and gentle sweetness makes this a great product that bridges the rum and whiskey divide.