The Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters - 44% - 200ml

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Back in 2006, 2 German bartenders with a history of making and collecting bitters decide to recreate and sell their own bitters. They launched The Bitter Truth with an Orange bitters and an Aromatic style as well. Since then, several other flavours of bitters have been launched, along with non-alcoholic waters and spirits/liqueurs. This Grapefruit Bitters is great for a burst of citrus and to add another layer to drinks with a citrus element, such a Daiquiri. This also works well with tequila, gin and light rums, and is very versatile in cocktails and highballs. Expect bright and complex citrus with dominant graepefruit aromas and flavours. Touches of green hops in the background. Lovely bitterness at the end of the long finish.